Some Major Exhibitions

Leica Galerie in Solms/Frankfurt, Germany – 6/1992
Die Aktgalerie in Berlin, Germany – 3/2004
DanceStreet dance center in Amsterdam – 9/2007
Art Kessaris Gallery in Mykonos, Greece – 6/2008
Farmani Gallery in New York, USA – 7/2009
IAF exhibition at 25 CPW Gallery, New York, USA – 6/2013
IAF Winners’ Ehibition at the MoRA Museum, New Jersey, USA – 8/2013
Art House Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, USA – 10 and 11/2015
Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, 12/2016 – 2/2017

Some publications

Leica Photography International, Germany -1989
FOTO, The Netherlands – 1992
P/F, The Netherlands – 1/2000 and 1/2015
Schwarzweiss Fotografie, Germany – 9/2001 and 5/2004
The New Nude Magazine, USA – 6/2005
180 Magazine, Spain – 6/2006
La Repubblica, Italy – 7/2007 ‘The Zen Garden‘ – 1/2011
World Wide Art Books, USA – International Masters of Photography -11/2012
Who’s Who in Visual Art, Germany – 100 Fine Art Photographers 4/2013
Dek Unu Magazine, USA – 3 & 8/2018
EYE-Photo Magazine, Austria – 6 & 7/2018

In March 2001, Umschau-Braus Verlag in Frankfurt, Germany, published his photo book ‘FIGUREN’ (ISBN: 3-8295-6832-0).
In October 2014 his second photo book, called: ‘ODD BODIES’ was (self) published.
(ISBN: 9789090287454)

Prizes and Awards

XTO Award in Hollywood, USA – 2009
Category Winner’s Award at the International Art Festival, New York, USA – 2013
Category Finalist NUDE 2013 and NUDE 2014 Awards, Montreal, Canada
Blue Diamond Certificate of Excellence, Leipzig, Germany – 2014
Finalist certificate ‘Artist of the Year’ competition by Cercle Arts, Lyon, France – 2019


Images from this web site can be obtained as fine art prints: they are available in a limited edition of only ten prints per digital file. A signature and a serial number can be found on the backside. A certificate of authenticity will be included.
Print size of digital files: Canson Infinity Photographique Baryta DIN A3+ or DIN A2 fine art paper; frame size with passe-partout: 60 x 50 centimeters or 80 x 60 centimeters. Printed on an Epson SC-p800 inkjet printer and framed in a Moorman acid free passepartout of museum quality.

For further information about his photo books and about these prints, please contact: or fill in the form on the CONTACT-page of this website.
Some of them can also be ordered directly at the web shop on this site.